It’s now harder to be a profitable Direct Microsoft partner

Effective August 31 2018, there are significant new and costly requirements to maintain a Direct (Tier 1) partnership with Microsoft. The number of direct partners will be dramatically reduced from several thousand to under one thousand. To comply with requirements, a Direct partner must:

  • Purchase a $15k minimum annual support policy
  • Provide your own provisioning and billing platform
  • Deliver at least one managed service, IP service, or customer solution application
  • Meet additional performance requirements and thresholds

Face the facts: you’ve got a choice to make

In today’s landscape, disruption and transformation are around every corner. Microsoft CSPs face a choice:

  • Quickly make significant new and ongoing investments in your billing and provisioning infrastructure, support practices, service offerings, and sales and marketing operations.
  • Partner with an Indirect Provider — like Ingram Micro Cloud — that delivers all those services on your behalf, allowing you to focus your resources on growing your cloud business.
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Let us be direct — it’s time for Indirect

At Ingram Micro Cloud, our mantra of moving “fast and fluid” is at the core of everything we do.

As an Indirect CSP partner working with Ingram Micro Cloud, you’ll continue to enjoy advantages of a Direct relationship, while also benefiting from accelerated time to market without complex and costly system integration.

Ingram Micro Cloud is a premier CSP authorized Indirect provider, recommended by Microsoft. We are committed to making your transition from direct to Indirect quick, easy, and profitable.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

Stephen Hawking

Partner now with Ingram Micro Cloud and you’ll enjoy:

Accelerated time to market

Get free white glove migration service to transition from Direct to Indirect.

Quality Support

Leverage Microsoft Advanced Support through Ingram Micro Cloud for free.

Increased Profit

Tap into our leading enablement services and deep technical offerings.

Expanded portfolio

Access our infinite cloud ecosystem to grow your recurring revenue stream.

Hyperscale Platform

We make the investments in our technology marketplace so you don’t have to.

Need help deciding?

Complete the form below to learn more about the changes to the Microsoft CSP program and the benefits of partnering with Ingram Micro Cloud.

Our IP can be your GP. Ingram Micro Cloud is the preferred provider for Microsoft CSPs worldwide. Think of the CSP program change as a fork in the road — and take the route that leads to Cloud Awesomeness, a fast, fluid business model speeding you to scalable success.

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