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Turn to Ingram Micro to tap into Microsoft’s Data Center Migration programs, designed to simplify the migration of data centers to Azure. Now's the time to move to the cloud and break free from refresh cycles, space-power-cooling, over-provisioning and maintaining hardware.

As the largest Azure CSP provider and the top distributor of VMware, we stand ready to help you make the most of the exciting partnership between Microsoft and VMware

Refresh Cycles

Break free from the need to be confined to an accounting and finance requirement to depreciate the value of an IT Asset over an unrealistic useful life.

Space-Power Cooling

The cloud operates as a utility. You no longer need to worry about how or where the power you consume is generated.

Provisioning and Capacity Planning

The cloud offers instant access to unlimited resources to flex up or down to match your business demands.


Access your customized roadmap filled with data and facts to better understand and classify opportunities. You’ll receive a detailed, comprehensive assessment report detailing pre-migration steps and informing you of business risks and how to solve them.


With this self-guided migration process, it couldn't be easier. Migration services for applications, servers, databases, and other components are used to help partners experience a smooth transition to the cloud.

IaaS Migration Services

IaaS Migration Services

IaaS Cost Optimization Services

IaaS Cost Optimization Services


Get a bird’s-eye view of your entire Azure environment, allowing you to optimize your cloud. Assessments help you pinpoint opportunities to optimize your infrastructure before the transition to the cloud.

What to do with your old data center hardware

Reduce risk, cost and complexity associated with managing assets through our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and lifecycle support services. Protect brands with strict data security measures and responsible recycling practices while recovering value from retired assets.

Retire and Recycle

By recycling your retired IT assets with ITAD, you will reduce security risks, costs, and trouble that come with having unused assets.

Repair and Secure

Securely erase all data using certified data erasure and degaussing/shredding services

Field Service

Field Service

  • Data Erasure and Destruction
  • De-Installation
  • Onsite Audits


  • Sealed Shipments
  • GPS Tracking
  • Strict Chain-of-Custody


  • Serialized Audit
  • Testing
  • Refurbish/Repair

Other ITAD features include:

  • Global footprint
  • Secure data destruction
  • Asset value recovery
  • Compliance
  • Detailed reporting
  • Physical inventory
  • Onsite media shredding

Ask us if you qualify for our data center hardware early buy-out options.

Build a successful Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) practice with IaaS Lifecycle Services– consisting of migration, managed, and cost optimization services and ITAD– consisting of field services, transportation, and processing for your data center.

Now available in the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, IaaS Lifecycle Services allows partners to accelerate through opportunities in the cloud. Learn more about IaaS Lifecycle Services