Are you ready to save time and IT resources?

With Ingram Zero-Touch Deployment powered by Windows AutoPilot, partners can offer and maintain a no-touch, modern, managed desktop service. Partners can simply purchase and assign devices through Ingram Micro and ship directly to customers at time of order. Are you ready to save time and IT resources?

Autopilot streamlines how new Windows devices are deployed, reset, and repurposed—it configures and personalizes them from the cloud. Think of it as zero-touch deployment for IT staff. Say “goodbye” to costly, custom imaging practices and “hello” to high value modern desktop deployment and managed services.

Ingram Micro Cloud Autopilot Deployment

Offer a custom remote work bundle in four simple steps:


Determine service offering
Place hardware level SKUs
Decide what cloud SKUs are needed for your devices


Purchase device
Purchase through IMOnline, or your dedicated Ingram representative, and assign devices in need for Windows Autopilot.


Device registration
Once the order is complete, we’ll work with you to configure and set up your customers’ new PCs with customized profile settings on your behalf.


Ship to customer
In one click, ship devices directly to your customers with their customer profile and settings ready to use.

Why Sell Microsoft Autopilot

Save time and IT resources with Microsoft Autopilot zero-touch deployment:

  • Devices can be given to users without IT building, maintaining, and applying custom operating systems.
  • Users do the configuration themselves—and the devices are fully compliant and secure.
  • Deploy the latest version of Windows 10 Pro to existing devices, with apps installed and profiles synced.
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